Anthony Starble Drops Poignant New Single “Paperweight”

Singer-songwriter Anthony Starble recently dropped his new single, “Paperweight,” a powerful ballad, packed with beautiful melodies of sorrow carried by Starble’s gorgeous voice.  The new song is now available on digital music platforms worldwide.

Collaborating with songwriter and friend, Kyle Puccia (known for writing music for Kygo and multiple HBO shows), Starble immediately felt they had something special while working on “Paperweight.” Once finished, Starble showed the song to several artists to see if they’d be interested in making it their own. As Starble was in talks, he realized the song was too personal to be released by another artist and opted instead to perform it himself. As one of the best demonstrations of his raw and emotionally charged vocals, “Paperweight” is best performed by the artist himself, as the pain and longing can truly be heard in each refrain.

Anthony Starble began studying music at the age of nine when he began taking piano lessons. He became obsessed with the instrument almost instantly, playing for hours on end each day.  Since the age of eleven, he was winning competitions at a statewide level and was later accepted into the arts magnet school, Denver School of the Arts as a high school student. He wrote his first song at the age of fifteen and later won the Berklee Songwriting Competition for high school students at the age of sixteen. After winning that competition, Starble realized that songwriting was his true passion and made up his mind that he was going to move to Los Angeles and pursue his passion. Since then, Starble has collaborated with artists such as Beck, Ben Lee, and Kristen Chenoweth, both live and in the studio, and he regularly sings on pop demos and commercials.

OK Magazine, Instinct Magazine, The Backlot and New Now Next have all lauded Starble’s musical abilities. His music has been featured in several successful television series including Pretty Little Liars and The Fosters.  He received praise from New Music Weekly for his “innate ability to speak from the heart, delivering emotional and engaging songs that leave fans reaching for tissues.”

The new single blends Starble’s penchant for emotional lyrics with strong pop production resulting in the ballad of the summer. “Paperweight” is available for stream or download now. For more information visit his website,