Anthemic “We Are Different” Single Marks Debut of Irish Duo Thanks Brother

Digital Single and Music Video Available Now

“We Are Different,” the debut single release from the Irish duo Thanks Brother (comprised of singer-songwriter-musicians Róisín O and John Broe), has just been released via all digital outlets by independent Blix Street Records. To accompany this soaring anthem for the turbulent times in which we live, the duo, who are also known for producing and directing music videos for other artists, have created a powerful visual feast to put the song’s poignant message across. It is available for viewing here: 

“We Are Different,” written by the duo, takes up the mantle of the disenfranchised and marginalized without reproach of those who would exclude them. “We wrote it as an anthem about being different,” explains Róisín. “We are all different yet the world is full of people who would judge, exclude, fear or hate people on those differences rather than accept them. Hopefully, the song will connect for different reasons with different people, but the meaning will always be the same.”

“We are we are different

Unafraid of the lives our mothers led

Unaware of the strength their fingers bred”

Much of the video was filmed in the George, Dublin’s most famous gay bar, renowned for its “Witchy Wednesday Drag Show,” which features prominently in the video’s storyline. Irish actor James Whelan took on the lead role, supported by drag queens Angelina Lovelace, Veda Lady, Pixie Woo and Dia Buit, to tell the story of a man coming to terms with his sexuality.  “Ireland was the first country to legislate for marriage equality by popular vote in a referendum,” says Róisín.  “We wanted to make a video that celebrated differences, but something that was open to interpretation.  Our protagonist is a person who is clearly unhappy in himself because of the pressures of the world around him, and it is only when he embraces his differences and surrounds himself with open minded people that he can finally be happy in himself.”

Thanks Brother gives Róisín and John a forum for writing and producing music for themselves and combining that music with their own visual content. The song “We Are Different” was produced by Broe and Ciaran Bradshaw at Beechpark Studios in the Dublin countryside and remixed by Ruardhi Cushnan, whose credits include Mumford and Sons, Ed Sheeran and U2. It is the perfect showcase for Róisín O’s mesmerizing voice, which is surrounded by pounding drums and an atmospheric track. They performed the song on Ireland’s major late night talk show, The Late, Late Show on March 9.

One of the country’s most promising young artists, Róisín O is well-known in Ireland and has toured internationally on her own and with her band. John Broe, formerly the writer and singer with the Irish band Miracle Bell, described at the time as “Ireland’s musical Zeitgeist,” joined Róisín’s band, and they began writing songs together, originally for a Róisín O solo album. Inspired by the epic soundscapes of Kate Bush, Phoenix, and HAIM and with a desire to create a dynamic and confrontational new musical statement, Thanks Brother was born.

O and Broe have also written songs that have been used for television series and advertising campaigns as well as co-writing for other artists. The pair recently co-wrote singles with the Irish band The Coronas, including “Real Feel,” that band’s first U.S. single from their Trust the Wire album.

Additionally, O and Broe’s video production partnership has resulted in music videos for Irish recording artists including Glen Hansard, Declan O’Rourke, The Coronas, CC Brez and King Bones. They have also directed multiple advertising campaigns for the Diesel clothing line and for Go Car.

Their name—Thanks Brother–comes from a chance encounter that took place at a concert in Ireland, where the duo met one of their on screen heroes, actor Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones, Three Billboards), whose brief response to a gushing Broe’s praise was simply, “Thanks Brother.”

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