Andy Grammer: Back with a real gem

Andy Grammer is back with a real gem and AC radio is all over this one big time. “Don’t Give Up On Me” (S Curve/EMI) is the cut that is receiving raves from our panel of radio stations. It might be time to give this one a serious consider if you are not on this already. The great Steve Perry is also pulling in some rather impressive numbers for his latest single. “We’re Still Here” (Fantasy/Concord/UMG) showcases the legend once again with some rather solid production.  Hopefully without the help from Columbia Records Steve can gain enough support from his new smaller label to take this all the way.


The joint venture between the current rage that is Marshmello and the new yet already  powerful CHVRCHES, big things are happening at multi formats. “Here With Me” (Joytime Collective/Republic) is the jam that is getting a big thumbs up from many of our music and program directors. Word has it that this particular single has #1 written all over it. Also getting a very big response at the format is the multi teaming of Lil Peep, ILoveMakonnen and the Fall Out Boy. This gang is out there crushing it with the flashfire hit “I’ve Been Waiting” (Columbia). It’s such a good track that you need to do this. The ever so popular Jonas Brothers are back at it and make no mistake about that. Everybody is raving about their return with “Sucker” (Republic/Universal) & for good reason, it’s just that good. Maddie Poppe, last year’s winner of American Idol, is getting raves for her new offering. Just as the second season of Idol is underway for ABC, Maddie is pulling in some very steady and impressive numbers for her  “Made You Miss” (Hollywood) single. We really love this super talented artist and wish her all the best. One of her “idols” in Sara Bareilles is also killing it out there at radio with some solid firepower. “Fire” (Epic) is the jam that is out and about from her and it’s great.

Josh Groban has teamed up with the ever-amazing Jennifer Nettles for the best duet so far in 2019. “99 Years” (Reprise/WEA) is taking off big time and make no mistake about the power of these two.  Bebe Rexha is also out there crushing it on television and radio and it’s paying off. “Last Hurrah” (WB/WEA) is her latest and greatest and good for her.   Young The Giant are also taking the airwaves by storm and in a very big way. “Superposition” (Elektra/WEA) is their new single and from the early returns this act has something very special going on so I’d pay special attention to them if I were you.

Newcomer Joy Mover has a lot going for her these days. The singer and songwriter who has paid her dues is finally getting the pay off. Her new single “Home Sweet Home” has been powering our “most added” chart for weeks now and it’s moving by leaps and bounds on our AC charts. She is the “real deal” my friends. Billy F. Otis is also “on fire” as his new single takes flight. This solid story teller has a great tale to tell and reveals some of it in his current hit single “Fantasy Across The Room” (CVB). If you have any questions all you have to do is go over to the AC charts and see just what I’m talking about.

Recording artist Gramma Rikki is taking the music world by storm as her new single “You” makes huge moves at the format. She’s a real grandmother who once owned recording studios in the 70’s. She most certainly learned something from those experiences as her music and production are first rate. Doug Ferony is also getting lots of love at the format for his latest.  “Quando, Quando, Quando” (Bongo Boy) is one of those track that you just need to find some room for. Bo Menart is also on the move as his current red-hot single  “Paradise” (Men Art Productions) make some solid moves at the format.
The fabulous Devi continues her #1 ways as “Let’s Get Funky” spends many weeks at #1 on our AC charts. The band Stone is also making bold and beautiful moves with their flashfire hit “Fireball”. Eileen Carey, a recent NMA winner has been making music history once again as in “Anything That Reminds Me Of You” (Rolley Coaster) moves to the top.  Garrett Young continues his magic as his current “Colorado” (West Coast Collective) moves forward. He is also a New Music Award Winner so – Top that!