It’s no secret that artists like CURTIS use their music to reflect and share their life experiences with creative expression. This Friday, January 24th, the world will yet again receive another dose of reality from the St. Louis based singer when he releases his latest single, “Sunset In July.” Like his previous work of late, this song holds extraordinary meaning as he delivers a personal heartfelt and gut-wrenching tribute to his late younger brother and former music collaborator who unexpectedly passed away last summer – hence the song’s title. The two had done a song entitled “Crash & Burn” together for CURTIS’ 2010 debut album.

The new key-laden track produced by Dizzla D contains emotional lyrics written solely by CURTIS that express a wide range of feelings from guilt, sadness, and ultimately acceptance. It was conceived amid CURTIS writing and recording his upcoming album due to release mid-year 2020. “Sunset In July” is slated to appear on the anticipated project.

CURTIS has released two full length albums since 2010 and is currently working on a third. “Sunset In July” is a small continuation of his musical journey. Despite the sad subject matter, his growth in creativity is displayed well.

The world will have their chance to witness “Sunset In July” on every music outlet this Friday, January 24th. For more information on this and the full discography of CURTIS, please visit his official web site