Again Again’s “LISTEN. LOVE. REPEAT.” Progressive Life Lessons for Kids

Two Los Angeles-based musicians and moms, Jennifer Cook and Anne Montone, are Again Again, a performing duo that has created its own musical style to help children develop harmoniously in both heart and mind. Again Again’s debut family album, LISTEN. LOVE. REPEAT., will be released on October 18, 2019.

On one hand, LISTEN. LOVE, REPEAT. is a sparkling collection of original songs that will sound comfortably familiar to young listeners. Building on this base of cozy aural comfort, Again Again has produced an album of extraordinary vocal accomplishment. Jennifer Cook and Anne Montone have crafted truly musical compositions that employ their well-matched voices with sophistication and charm. The singing is clear, perfectly in tune, and tremendously exciting. Throughout the album, hand clapping and other rhythmic devices link the music with the sound of a contemporary childhood environment.

However, embedded in this organic world of childhood sound are lyrics packed with progressive life lessons that are a top priority in today’s world: blended/multicultural families; families with two dads, two moms, or just one parent; being kind to Planet Earth; getting through challenging situations, and more.

Anne Montone cites diverse musical influences ranging from Joni Mitchell, Bette Midler and the Cocteau Twins to Linda Ronstadt and Kate Bush, while Jennifer Cook would add Ella Fitzgerald to the mix. “Female vocalists for the win!” says Anne Montone. “Strong vocals with a wide range and the ability to express emotion in just one note … so inspiring!”

Album highlights include “Families Come in Blended Ways,” a country/pop number that celebrates our world of ethnic diversity and the beauty of each unique family. “Wrap Your Arms Around Your Family” explodes with good energy in a joyful, invigorating groove enhanced by chanting, hand clapping, and smooth instrumental and a capella sounds to describe all the different elements that can be gathered to create a modern family. “Bubble Gum and Cheese” is an upbeat, just-for-fun pop track with a late ‘60s sound and a kick of an ending!

A companion lyric and coloring book featuring artwork inspired by the music from a dozen different artists will be published in tandem with the album. Next up? Watch for Again Again’s new podcast, Again Again: Adulting with Kids.

A percentage of the proceeds from Again Again’s projects is donated to The Harmony Project, a Los Angeles based organization that provides high quality music instruction and social support to children year-round, at no cost.

LISTEN. LOVE. REPEAT. and its accompanying lyric and coloring book will be available at iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, and other digital outlets through CDBaby, and at Again Again shows.

For more information, please visit Again Again on Facebook.