Actress Niki Rubin Pens Political Song ‘Plead For Love’ in Aftermath of Election

Actress Niki Rubin hopes to fill a void with a her new single “Plead For Love.” The song is intended to inspire it’s listeners to consider love before animosity and hatred during these political times of unrest. 

Niki Rubin grew up in New Jersey. She’s been singing and performing for as long as she can remember. Recently, Rubin has branched out on projects with local indie artists in the Hip-Hop and Reggae circuit.

The songstress has dedicated her life to performing art: Acting, singing, dancing and modeling. She says, “I think in poetry: I have always written almost every day whether it was poetry or music, even waking up in the middle of the night writing and recording.”

Niki would love to do more acting,  she says. But, over the next five years she will be concentrating on music.

“While acting helped tell my story; it made the stories I told through music more relatable. I hope to reach as many people as possible with my messages of love, positivity, hope and respect,” says Rubin.

On the release of her recent track, “Plead For Love”: “It’s about my heart and soul hurting any time I hear about hate or violence. I wrote it during the Trump election. It was about the back and forth violence of everybody, every day. People unfriending each other, etc. We need to come together. These events have affected me so negatively. My words are intended to spark something in people.”

PFL was first released as a single in 2017. It’s now part of Awake, a mini R&B compilation released in August, 2018.

In addition to acting, recording and performing her own music, Rubin is a featured lead singer with the Double G Posse band that plays at Harlem’s “Paris Blues” every other Sunday (for the past five years), as well as the “ABC Lounge” in the East Village.

Rubin has performed her own music at venues around New York, such as Ashford and Simpson’s “Sugar Bar,” the “Go Africa Fest” in 2016, the “OZE Lounge,” “NAMA,” and the “5K Concert Series” on the Jewel Yacht, Manhattan.

Rubin says, “It’s never too late to see different perspectives and be open to love.”

PFL/Awake, are available on Spotify, iTunes, and are in the catalogs of iHeart Radio and Pandora, among other major platforms.

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