Acclaimed Singer-Songwriter Meghan Cary Celebrates The Release Of Her Album Sing Louder To Mainstream Radio

Renowned singer/songwriter Meghan Caryhas fans and industry executives alike singing her praises with the recent release of her successful new album Sing Louder. Making its debut at #6 on the US / International Folk DJ Radio Charts, with the title track charting amazingly well at #2 and the follow up single “Responsibility” nabbing the #6 spot, Cary is now celebrating the release of her album to mainstream radio.

Officially added to Americana and AAA radio starting April 16, Cary’s critically-acclaimed CD Sing Loudermarks her first foray into the mainstream market.

“I think I always labelled myself as a folk artist because I resonated with other storytelling troubadours,” says Cary. “And the folk music community really got behind me. Plus, I’m a chick with an acoustic guitar, and that has traditionally meant folk. But with this new record, I tried to branch out and blur the genre lines with the production and song choices and my fans have really responded to it so I felt it was time to release this album to a broader market. And so for the feedback has been terrific!”

Sing Louderfeatures 10 previously unreleased tracks that were carefully selected from both new and older original material and while the songs may have been written during various points in her life, they all share one very important theme – to inspire and empower her audience to find joy in their lives and share their stories; to “sing louder” and make their voices heard.

The title track “Sing Louder” resonated so well with audiences in her live shows, that Cary was driven to include some of these fans in the recording process. So, Cary gathered 48 music lovers in the studio to raise their voices with her on two tracks, “Sing Louder,” and “Responsibility”. Many of them stepped far out of their comfort zones to don headphones and sing into a microphone. And they sang with passion, joy and abandon. This was a profound experience for Cary and all those involved, and that energy was captured on Sing Louder making it a remarkable record.

The official track listing for Sing Louder is as follows:

  • Sing Louder
  • River Rock
  • Responsibility
  • Fly and Be Free
  • Sail Across the Water
  • Little Girls
  • My Life
  • Live!
  • Wind
  • Drive


     Bonus Track:

  • Hello It’s Me (by Voodoo Dancer)


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