AC Radio Makes Big Summer Leap With New Releases

The Goo Goo Dolls are back at radio and that is always a welcome sight. The band that has been constantly reinventing themselves with solid crossover music is taking the single “Miracle Pill” (Warner Music) out for a spin and so far the results have been excellent. Please try to include this new gem in your music meeting. The now newly popular Jonas Brothers are really killing it at radio. With a new record label and a solid team behind them, many of our music and program directors are raving and singing the praises of their latest in “Only Human” (Republic). This musical gem has all the making of yet another chart topper for the brothers and solid #1 potential to be sure.

The recent pairing of Ellie Goulding with Juice Wrld is turning out to be a real winner. Together they put their music talents together and they are in full display as the single “Hate Me” (Polydor) moves past the pack. We’ll see how it all plays out in the coming weeks but so far this new duo appears to have a hit single on their hands. I’m also happy to report that Michael Buble is out and about and doing rather well. After taking a break to deal with family matters his new “Forever Now” (Reprise/WEA) is a must add. You won’t find a greater guy that truly deserves all of the great success than Michael Buble.

Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas is back at radio and that is always a good thing. The Matchbox 20 front-man for many years has a new track out and about called “Can`t Help Me Now” (Atlantic) that truly deserves your immediate listening attention. Post Malone has teamed up with the artist known as Young Thug for a pretty solid effort. Many out there in the industry are all over the single “Goodbyes” (Republic) & for good reason. This one could go all the way.

Maren Morris has done a splendid job of crossing from the Country format to the mainstream AC and Top 40 formats. So much so that her label is taking the single “The Bones” (Columbia Nashville) out for spin to keep her crossover dreams alive and well. And speaking of “crossover”, nobody has done it better than recording artist and producer Garrett Young. His “Colorado” was a recent chart topper on our AC40 and Country charts and now he’s taking his new “Stray Cat Call” (West Coast Collective) out to multi formats. Watch for some big weeks ahead for this perfect Summer entry.

Recording artist Joy Mover continues to amaze. Her recent debut in “Home Sweet Home”. rose quickly to Top5 status here on the AC40 and that has really opened up some doors for this brilliant singer/songwriter. She has a new single with “Heaven In Your Heart” and all you have to do is look at the current AC40 charts to see just how good that single is doing.

Billy F. Otis has really built a solid name for himself at radio and in rapid time. His storytelling in “Fantasy Across The Room” (CVB) first brought us to his attention and he has now released the single “Front Page News” (CVB) that is already getting raves from our music and program di
Eileen Carey

rectors.  Jennifer Porter continues to blow the competition away from AC, Country to Top40. It’s all due to her “Road To Redemption” (Cougar Moon) that is on its way towards #1.  It appears nothing can stop this rising music star.

Devi continues to work her brilliant new single “Heart Stone” past the pack and for good reason, it is just that good. Eileen Carey is killing it out there once again with her brilliant and powerful “Meet Me Halfway” (RolleyCstr Music). Total Life is also on a roll with “A Great Love” that is truly one of the best songs for the Summer of 2019.  Joey Canyon builds his fortunes as “Matter Of Time” (Glo-Dot) moves past a crowded field. Please support all of the above artists during this amazing Summer of 2019. I’ll have more for you on the greatest AC40 hits of all time right here next time.