Indie-rock band, Son & Thief, released their debut full-length album, Repair, a collection of atmospheric tracks composed of experimental sounds and catchy melodies. The album, featuring alluring singles, “Million Dollar Rocket” and title track, “Repair”, is now available for download and streaming worldwide.

Self-produced at their home studio in Athens, GA, Repair is a project that lead singer, Shane Toriscelli says was a long time coming. Taking just over two years to complete, the album is a powerful and mysterious collection of tracks laced with soft guitar plucks and lusty tones. Although each track carries a common thread sonically, the album as a whole does not carry a recurring theme. Each track perfectly captures the emotions felt by Toriscelli in individual situations he’s faced over the past two years. The album’s first single, “Million Dollar Rocket” is a captivating track that delivers the perfect balance of light, mesmeric strings layered with complex lyrics. The second single, “Repair” is a mid tempo indie track that exudes the feeling of slowly drifting into the universe. A mellow backing track intertwined with soft keys and whispery vocals, “Repair” takes listeners on a journey to a dreamy environment. Much different than their first EP, Toriscelli says this album captures a more honest picture of himself. “Repair is much more adventurous,” explains Toriscelli.  “I feel like I’m expressing a lot of feelings I never thought I could pull off before. This album shifted a lot of my perspectives about how to write, record, and produce music. So in a sense, this record is a farewell to the past and an intro to the future.”

Shane Toriscelli started Son & Thief in 2014 while attending the University of Georgia. After several jam sessions with a group of local players including Lawton on lead guitar, the band’s initial lineup was solidified. Since then, the band has been ever-changing and evolving, just like Toriscelli and the music itself. In February of 2015, the band independently released their debut EP, Cardinal, which has garnered over 150,000 plays on Spotify, and its tracks, “Father” and “High and Low” were recently licensed by MTV. Their 2016 stand-alone single, “All I Care About” has almost 80,000 plays on Spotify and was featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds Playlist.

Repair is a product of honesty and vulnerability. Composed of earthy tones and complex yet relatable lyrics, this album is a new beginning for Son & Thief. With their music constantly evolving, there are limitless possibilities for the band. To check out more music and current tour dates, visit