Rising country star Morgan Lynsey just released her debut single “Gypsy Hearts” in February of this year. With another single “Magic” coming out later this year, Lynsey is currently writing for a full-length album. With women in country music back on the rise in the genre, we are so happy to see -and hear – Morgan Lynsey as part of this movement.

Morgan Lynsey is a country artist from Virginia with a self-described style as: uplifting, fun and soulful. Now based out of Nashville, she is winning hearts with her catchy lyrics and pure toned vocals. Her style has a fun hippie vibe, telling stories of love, life, and adventures on the road in her new single “Gypsy Hearts”.

​Lynsey shares with us details on her new music, live performances, and how she’s gearing up to promote this new collection of music.

A child of the mountain state of Virginia, Morgan Lynsey grew up steeped in music. Ultimately, she moved to Nashville where she’s establishing herself as one of the next big country artists. Morgan’s passion for her craft runs deep. It’s a calling as much as it’s a profession and she knows how hard she must work for it.

Morgan Lynsey released her new single “Gypsy Hearts” in February through LORE Entertainment in Nashville that has its sister studio in Los Angeles and run by partners Jacob Barber and Ben Watts. The stunning single will be part of her first full studio album, which is lit up with that cathedral of a voice and her irrepressible freewheeling spirit.

“Gypsy hearts, I recorded in California. It’s a fun, free-spirited story of adventures on the road that glorifies simple living and exploring the beauty of our great Earth”, Morgan explains. She is excited to put out this track because it is, in part, a reflection of the life she’s lived over the last few years as she’s been following her dreams. All the trials, tribulations, hopes and successes are somewhat documented in each of her songs and she can’t wait to show a little more of her story to the fans.

Later this year Morgan Lynsey will put out another new single ‘Magic’ with a concept quite different from the first single. The inspiration for this track came from a late night discussion on how love can be viewed from many different perspectives – the perspectives of the lovers, the people on the outside looking in on the lovers, and the creator of the lovers and love itself. “We wanted to use all of these perspectives for Magic. It’s love in every form: The highest state of consciousness” is how Morgan reasons out the process.

Magic is a classic ballad that has a timeless feel. It is the story of two people in love at the personal level as seen from the perspectives of the lovers and the universe. Morgan says, “With Lore Entertainment management we recorded at Prime Recording in Nashville with a great band featuring some of the guys that tour with Lee Brice. My producer, Ben Watts, and I had a really clear vision for this song and it came to life better than we could possibly have imagined.”

As for the remainder of the collection of songs for her debut album, Morgan is working diligently to meet her end-of-year deadline for the release. Morgan admits, “I haven’t been in Nashville for long, but I’ve started to collaborate more with people in town, however most of the time I write alone. I am a little different than most as I don’t write on an instrument. I like to focus on the story and the message that I have to share and the melodies come to me based on the lyric and what best suits the style of the song. Once I am close to finished lyrically, I generally sit down with my producer and we work on arrangements.”

On making the album with Lore Entertainment, Lynsey marvels at the synergy Ben Watts and Jacob Barber bring to the project: “in this short amount of time, myself and the musicians become very close. It’s a magical thing to experience; the rapid transition from strangers to life-long friends, it doesn’t always happen”. The result is an intoxicating blend of songs Lynsey penned about many from-the-heart themes, including the sheer glory of love. The making of the album was a love story in itself.

Just how her musical interests developed is explained more in a calling than in some childhood musical influences. From her small town in Virginia, Lynsey cannot attribute her parents with providing the encouragement usually necessary in early musical talent. She simply describes a feeling that she has a powerful and strong message to share with the world.

Growing up on the big pop stars like Brittney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Michael Jackson, there was no one moment of epiphany for Morgan. There were no floodgates opening up and suddenly she knew what she had to do. No, it was a constant love for music since she could walk and talk.

A somewhat rocky childhood was perhaps the crucial factor in shaping Morgan’s direction into music as a way to sort out amorphous childhood questions. Not even ten years old, she started writing her own lyrics. Morgan Lynsey explains, “ My first time singing for a crowd was a voice recital at age 9. Even then, I sang a song that I’d written; even at that age songwriting was an outlet for me to express my emotions”.

Though Lynsey felt like music had chosen her for a reason, her journey was greatly aided by a teacher in high school who cared enough to get involved. She explains, “I was lucky that growing up I had a great voice teacher ‘Mary Cohen’ that helped keep me inspired. Her guidance landed me a scholarship to a conservatory in New York City.”

Arriving in the heated competition of Nashville, Morgan Lynsey remains undaunted and true to her original vision. She is not just another soon-to-be-country-starlet, but lands in Music City as an angel of purpose and mission. Quickly she has connected with people who can help her on the path to success. Cheerily she says, “ I love the city, it’s vibrant and fun everywhere you go has live music. It has so many resources and such a high level of musicianship. It’s inspiring and helpful to me as I create my art.

Adorned with blonde ombre hair worn loosely in waves, floral dresses with vintage overcoats, and a crystal clear voice tonality, Lynsey is most definitely a stand-out beauty. However, it should be noted that it’s her winning personality and attitude that has taken her so far in life. This buoyant attitude has been crucial in her path to success. Morgan Lynsey describes what other aspects are important in achieving success: “ You need to surround yourself with a good team that have your best interests at heart. The country music scene is seemingly dominated by men at the moment, but there are so many great female artists out there ready to change that! I am passionate about women stepping up and taking more control in this industry.”

Currently out on the road showcasing her new music for fans and folks who haven’t seen her yet, real emotion and fun are in store. Lynsey’s dreamy voice blends with energetic guitars and introspective ballads alike. The purity of voice and passion of her lyrics remind people it’s okay to be human and whatever they are feeling is a valid emotion.

Onstage, Morgan Lynsey projects the persona of a sassy and exuberant young gal, singing about the world as an amazing and wondrous adventure, encouraging listeners to follow their hearts. She promises to “re-create the studio recordings as best as we can in a live setting with no detail spared. I want it to be as exciting visually as it is musically so people leave the show feeling like they have seen something they have never seen before.”

Many young artists tend to give up or get discouraged when trying to make it as a musician. When asked about what keeps Lynsey going she says, “It can get emotionally draining at times in this career since business and art is a tricky combination. I constantly have to remind myself how much I love music and how I have something I want to say to the world that’s important to me. Music has been my reason for living since I can remember, and I know it’s what I was put on this earth to do. It’s really important for me that I stay creative every day. I also don’t have a Plan B, which probably keeps me going!

Signed to Lore Entertainment, with both boots firmly planted on the ground, Lynsey is in control of her career, thinking long and hard about the impact any decisions she makes today may have on her future. Lynsey explains, “In the time we’ve worked together, it has become clear that Lore Entertainment shares our vision of the future, and that they have the talent to make it a reality.

I give a lot of thought to the quality of music I put out there, but also that I am a business woman too. I want to be in control of my career and being in a partnership with my label gives me that control, rather than being a fledgling artist at a much bigger label with not much say in what happens. As a singer-songwriter I have always known exactly what I wanted in a music publisher and manager, and I’ve found all of that in Lore Entertainment. Jacob Barber and Ben Watts both have impeccable taste and together they have all the skills necessary to help guide my career growth and maximize my impact in this ever-changing landscape.”

Looking at the musical horizons for Morgan Lysney, she is excited to be dropping her new album: “As much as I love and respect the Nashville music scene, I feel that my music and message is something that will resonate worldwide. I am looking forward to releasing my album and reaching every corner of the globe.”

So, whatever 2017 has in store, there is one undeniable fact about Morgan Lynsey; she is exactly who she is. She is honest, authentic, ever-changing, and she sees the world as something she can take by storm. Or, by touching one gypsy heart at a time.

Morgan’s got big things happening this year and she’d love to bring you along for the ride!