Lore Entertainment is proud to introduce a new era of southern heart and soul with Kelby Costner.

When Kelby opens his mouth to sing, his heart opens to tell a story. From the small town of Lincoln, North Carolina, Kelby Costner is a fresh face with an old soul and a deep country spirit. He is a relentless writer and seasoned live performer who captivates his audiences instantly by filling every dusty corner of the room with his voice.

As Kelby wraps up his work in the studio his fans anxiously await the release of his full debut album and continue to share his Youtube and Facebook videos for over 2 million views. All eight tracks are available on iTunes Preview and on Amazon.com.

This summer Kelby Costner released his single ‘Hold On’ that was written a while back, but after giving it a second look he remembered how much he loved it, so wrote a different melody for it. The song really came to life to where the listener can actually feel the words and the meaning behind this song. Written about a guy who hasn’t found that “one” girl he’s meant to be with yet, the track sweetly blends desperation and hope at the same time. It’s a shout-out to that one girl wondering where he is – and if she is ever going to meet “ the one” – with a message to just stay put and that he’s coming for her as fast as he can – don’t give up, but “ Hold On”.

Whether we like it or not, some of the best music ever made comes from a place of pain and hardship – and Kelby Costner’s “Thanks to My Mistakes” is one of those songs. There is so much honesty that it makes listening an intimate affair. Even in the high-spirited track, “That’s Just Me”, you get involved in the emotion and the humanity. Then, like a novel for the ears, Costner has a talent for finding moving ways of telling personal stories like in his track “My Grandpa”, a song about his late grandfather, Waymon Hooper, and how his granddaddy shaped Costner’s life. This balancing act results in a sound that is joyful yet introspective; a rollicking Americana tale of modern life in all of its complexities.

Singing since he could remember, Costner didn’t realize his talent until around age nineteen when he picked up a guitar after years of neglect. He had learned a couple of songs and when he played them for his Mom, she was so blown away that Costner decided to put up a video on YouTube.

It took a lot of prodding from his family to go ahead and post his videos on YouTube since he was so nervous about getting reviews from real listeners out there. Lucky for us listeners he went ahead and shared those videos because here we are now six years down the road doing what Costner never thought possible. Costner continues, “I’m the type of person who pours myself into whatever I do. Once I got “rolling” I knew this would be something I couldn’t let go of easily.”

Despite his love of automotive mechanics, Costner decided to lay aside his wrench and strap on the old guitar and headed out to make a living. Costner has always loved music and what it does for us in any situation we’re in – that’s the beauty of music. And, he will always see beauty in cars and trucks and pretty much anything with an engine – so it’s a safe bet that he will never let go of this passion either. Kelby shares, “People in my apartment complex walk by and look at me as if I am crazy when I am working on my S10. I ain’t about to pay somebody else to fix it when I know how.”

His parents loved country music and just good music in general, but neither one ever played an instrument or had any musical involvement of any kind. Costner laughs when he explains, “Of course my mom said I got my singing from her, and Dad swears I got it from him — so I just agree with both of them to keep them happy.” Costner’s parents gave him more than just a singing voice – they gave him a heritage that allows him to dig into his past and his roots for musical inspiration. Like any great songwriter, Costner is able to bring up a goldmine of traditional country material from his experiences. Growing up he worked hard on a farm, and his daddy and granddaddy taught him valuable skills, such as how to build or repair anything. Costner helped tend to large herds of livestock and enormous gardens of crops.

From humble beginnings playing at Freemans Pub in Gastonia NC, for a crowd of maybe 15 people to living in Nashville, surrounded by the best songwriters and musicians in the world, Kelby Costner will stay genuine and true to his traditional country roots. He’s poured himself into this collection of songs that has something for every listener, from heartfelt ballads to fun rockers. His deep traditional country voice remains his signature sound throughout.

Kelby shares, “It’s been a tough road. But at the same time, it seems like yesterday when I called my mom and told her I got a job playing downtown Nashville, on Broadway, and that has been almost a year.” Coming from Lincolnton, North Carolina, and looking back, Kelby says he would never think it was possible to actually make a living in music, which is why he never set on doing it in his younger dreams. “I was dead set on being a mechanic and this came along and then that other stuff didn’t matter anymore”, Kelby explains. Not allowing himself to become discouraged Kelby credits his can-do attitude in his success – and his belief he can make things happen. Kelby has some down-home advice on pursuing your dreams when from a small town: “Take a leap of faith. You can always go back home. You really have nothing to lose. I know I don’t want to live my life with ‘What Ifs”.

Making his debut album, Costner says, “It was an amazing experience working with such talented musicians and engineers. It went pretty smoothly as far as my producer Ben Watts sharing my same vision for these songs. Ben and I felt that we needed to make the production to show the heart in these lyrics and make the listener connect and feel what we’re singing. I think we pulled it off, and I am happy with the way it turned out. I can’t put into words the feeling when you hear a song you wrote with a guitar and it comes to life like that.”

Costner considers Ben Watts a music superhero because of all the aspects of this project being put together so perfectly to produce each song’s mood and energy in a way that matches what he had in mind while getting the sound just right. Costner believes that “for most artists, music isn’t simply something we do, but it’s a way of life, and the reason why we get up in the morning. When we come into an agency, we join a community that welcomes our music. And, not only our music, but our unique stories, struggles and successes. Lore Entertainment shows sincere enthusiasm in sharing our stories and it becomes a 2-way street of inspiration.”

Currently on tour, the Kelby Costner Band satisfies the crowd. “Audiences and fans can expect the band giving it all we got every single time”, Costner says. Every tour date can expect the KC Band to put on the best show they possibly can – to give the fans what they want and make sure it’s a night they will remember and also want to do again! As sincere as he looks, Costner actually means what he says, “I want to meet the fans and talk to them and tell them ‘Thank You’ for the support because without them I am nothing.”



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Kelby Costner with Aimee Webber – cover of Brett Young “In Case You Didn’t Know”

Brett Young: In Case You Didn't Know

Me and Aimee Webber Music Doing a cover of Brett Young "In Case You Didn't Know" sorry having to read lyrics, literally last minute thing to do this song lol I hope you enjoy PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE !!!

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