Late YESTERDAY, ALL ACCESS reported that PRINCE’s estate, which was most recently headed by CHARLES KOPPELMAN and LONDELL McMILLAN before a dispute among his siblings in FEBRUARY forced them out, is now suing ROGUE MUSIC ALLIANCE and producer GEORGE BOXILL for proposing to release songs from the late superstar’s vault.

Late last night a federal judge granted the estate’s request for a restraining order. TMZ reports that, “means the ‘DELIVERANCE’ EP will not be released on FRIDAY, the first anniversary of PRINCE’s death. According to docs, obtained by TMZ, the court said it appears GEORGE IAN BOXILL, the producer who put together ‘DELIVERANCE’ has no right to distribute the music to the public. The judge referenced a confidentiality agreement purportedly signed by BOXILL when recording with PRINCE in 2006. BOXILL was ordered to turn over all recordings to the estate.”

The EP has disappeared from iTUNES, APPLE MUSIC, GOOGLE PLAY and AMAZON.