CBS RADIO/LAS VEGAS has signed JON QUE to a new multi-year agreement and promoted him to MD of Top 40 KLUC and APD/MD for 98.5 HD-2 DA SHAKA, VEGAS’ Island and Reggae station. He will continue his midday air shift with KLUC.

“I love it when I can reward hard work,” CBS RADIO/LAS VEGAS OM JB KING said. “JON has been assisting within music department on KLUC for nearly two years and has a great ear for the sound of KLUC. He truly earned this job with his passion and dedication. Not to mention, he was the backbone for the launch and our early success of 98.5 HD-2 DA SHAKA. I am happy that he will continue with a great midday show and finding the best music for KLUC.”

“To be entrusted with these new roles by one of the best programmers and OMs in the country is beyond me,” QUE said. “I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity. Having the responsibility of picking the hits on one of the most legendary brands in radio really is a dream come true.”