Ballads and Battles is the debut release from husband/wife, harp/guitar duo Casey and Kate Stapleton. Blues-driven harp and guitar arrangements topped by ethereal vocal harmonies combine to create a wondrous sound. The Stapletons baroque folk sound is rich with hints of Appalachian balladry, Delta blues, and echoes of the English folk revival movement.

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Casey, a mariachi from LA married Kate, an Irish Wisconsin farmgirl. Swept into gritty post-industrial Pittsburgh, The Stapletons set about reconciling their many cultural clashes and started a brood of children. Six years later they sat down one morning in the kitchen with a Celtic harp and a Mexican guitar and created their first album. The music on the upcoming album is rooted in civil and marital strife. Inspired by six years of marital struggle and their home surrounded by civil war ghosts, this husband wife duo write intricate songs that bring the past alive and illuminate the present. 

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