Electro-punk siren, Ace Harper has released her debut single “Neon Heart”, alongside an eccentric music video. The infectious art-rock anthem celebrates female empowerment with a fresh, electric twist. “Neon Heart” can be viewed onYouTube and is available for streaming and download on digital media outlets worldwide.

Produced and co-written with the help ofJustin Raisen (Charli XCX, Sky Ferriera), “Neon Heart” approaches feminism with a pulsating, psychedelic tempo. The video, shot by Ends (The Neighborhood, X Ambassadors) and choreographed by Tracy Phillips (Madonna, Prince, Rihanna), is visually consuming with energetic layers of neon lights and kaleidoscope imagery. Harper seamlessly merges the worlds of music, dance and visuals to create this artistic masterpiece. Aside from its dynamic video, the vibrant track has a deeper meaning to be celebrated. “‘Neon Heart’ is a modern anthem for feminism,” explains Harper. “It speaks to the incredible resilience of women and our ability to illuminate dark situations with internal strength.”

Born and raised in the small town of Ada, Oklahoma, Harper’s artistic journey began as a young professional dancer, studying every discipline and traveling the world with celebrity choreographers and musicians. After finding that art had always been a catharsis in her personal life, Harper was inspired to create her own work by songwriting. The dynamic personalities of David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Madonna influenced Harper’s retro-glam approach to 21 st century music. “It’s a mixture of a lot of different genres,” she says. “There’s definitely a punk attitude, but there’s a new fresh electronic undercurrent. There’s no specific category, I want to invite everybody to the party.” Her eye for fashion and her captivating stage presence has led her to perform in major cities, including Los Angeles, New York City, Miami and Chicago.

Ace Harper’s fashion-forward style, razor sharp pen and passion for provocative imagery make her a breath of fresh air. Watch “Neon Heart” on YouTube and stream or download the single on digital media outlets worldwide. Learn more about this fiery artist by visiting AceHarper.com.