He spent nearly a decade in Nashville honing his songwriting, knocking on doors, making connections and playing gigs for tips. Eventually, Aaron Pax Taylor made the decision to return to his home state of California to regroup.

The sand and the sun must’ve been energizing because the singer and songwriter continued to work, returned to Nashville periodically for co-writing sessions, and began to see more and more gigs come his way. With greater maturity and insight, Taylor’s music found wider audiences. He has a strong belief in the power of music to transport the listener to other times and places, and is contagiously enthusiastic about sharing his songs … from ballads to rollicking party tunes.

Taylor has drive, determination and an unfailing can-do attitude.

“I could accept failing, but I could not accept not trying,” the singer/songwriter has said. “You just have to keep doing what you do.” When he’s onstage delivering a song, it’s clear that Taylor not only continues to strive, he does it with passion.

With some recent accolades under his belt, Taylor heads back to Nashville with a new radio release, a music video, and big plans.

A new single, “My Weekend” is set for release to radio on February 1, 2018, through Play MPE. A music video has already been released and has received a nomination for Music Video of the Year by the California Country Awards.

Taylor won the award for Best Country Artist in the 2017 Ventura County Music Awards.

Aaron has been on the road from California to Tennessee, playing shows and making friends at radio along the way. He will attend his first CRS (Country Radio Seminar) this year. Aaron Pax Taylor and The Crossroads … an act to watch in 2018.